I Would Teach You to Fly

I Would Teach You to Fly

by Sarah Asper-Smith

From the author and illustrator of the popular I Would Tuck You In, this endearing picture book introduces young children to the characteristics of a variety of animals, showing parents and their babies interacting in their natural habitats.

Explore the many ways that animals teach their young to thrive in this charming picture book.
A bald eagle teaches an eaglet to fly. A black bear teaches its cub how to pluck berries from a branch.  An ermine teaches its baby how to tunnel through the snow.  And a spotted seal teaches its pup how to dive. Young children will learn all about these animals and more, as each spread also includes a short piece of nonfiction about each creature.

Lovingly illustrated and lyrically written, this is the third children’s book written and illustrated by the husband-and-wife artist and author team Mitchell Watley and Sarah Asper-Smith.

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