The Wandering Goose

The Wandering Goose

A Modern Fable of How Love Goes
by Heather L. Earnhardt

“This is the perfect gift for anyone going through a breakup or other heartache.  It is wonderful.”
Rose City Reader

With its timeless story about love and the cycle of life, this beautiful little book will capture the hearts of readers young and old. A bug’s life is suddenly changed when a wandering goose finds his way to her garden. They become close friends, exploring and playing in the lush garden, exchanging poems, hopes, and dreams, and eventually confessions of love. When goose begins to feel his instinct to wander, Bug’s life changes again, but she comes to learn that she is surrounded by enduring love, even in loss.

With charming illustrations by Frida Clements in a style reminiscent of Beatrix Potter, this beautiful little hardcover book is a beautiful gift for anyone who’s ever loved and lost love.

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