Meet the Author: Kristin Liam Kali

KRISTIN LIAM KALI, Licensed Midwife is the owner of MAIA Midwifery & Fertility Services, PLLC. They have supported thousands of LGBTQ+ parents through fertility and preconception care, in-home insemination, prenatal care, childbirth education, delivery in homes and birth centers, postpartum care, lactation management, and parenting groups. They have trained hundreds of midwives and childbirth professionals to serve the queer and trans community with humility, respect, and the widespread use of gender-inclusive language. Their new book Queer Conception is out now!

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Get to Know Authors Amy Pennington and Tara Austen Weaver

Spring has sprung! What better way to ready a garden than with gardening tips from the experts. We asked authors Amy Pennington of Tiny Space Gardening and Tara Austen Weaver of Dahlias and Peonies their thoughts on everything from why and how to start a garden (even if you don’t have a yard!) to garden must-haves and the pitfalls gardeners should avoid.