12 Questions for Love

12 Questions for Love

A Guide to Intimate Conversations and Deeper Relationships
by Adizes, Topaz

An essential, inclusive guide to achieving deeper romantic connection!

Ask better questions, strengthen empathic listening, and practice vulnerability in conversation through 12 questions tested and proven by The Skin Deep’s Emmy Award-winning work, perfect for combatting disconnection within your intimate relationships.

When was the last time you asked your romantic partner a truly thought-provoking question that illuminated what was special about your connection? 

This book is your guide to a healthier, more connected relationship through the art of meaningful conversations. These 12 questions—such as “What is the pain in me you wish you could heal?”—have been proven to create intimacy, spark connection, reduce conflict, and increase relationship satisfaction, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, relationship structure, or length of partnership.

Be braver. Go deeper. Discover why focusing on the question, not the response, is the key to opening doors, sparking change, and finding meaning in that space between two people. Start here to feel more connected than ever.

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