Tiny Space Gardening

Tiny Space Gardening

Growing Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs in Small Outdoor Spaces (with Recipes)
by Amy Pennington

“[A]n an incredibly handy manual full of information on how to grow plants in small spaces.” —GOOP

The beginner’s complete guide to urban, small space and container gardening from “our windowsill guru.” —Bon Appétit

This vibrant updated 2nd edition includes 30 earthy recipes for the vegetables from your edible garden and 50 gorgeous inspirational color photographs and illustrations.

No matter how small your space, you can grow an edible garden and enjoy home cooked meals from your harvest! With this stunning comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the basics of gardening in pots and containers, find small windowsill and countertop projects, and receive specific recommendations for plants that grow well in containers. Also included are 30 simple recipes you can make with your harvest, from Zucchini Fritters to Herby Pasta with Lettuce and Prosciutto, to Rosy Strawberry Buttermilk cake.

You’ll learn all about:
   • the best containers and pots 
   • DIY planter boxes
   • tools and supplies 
   • soil for containers
   • feeding and watering 
   • simple pruning 
   • cooking with your harvest
   • and much more

“With this guide, your garden can be as productive as you’d like, no matter the size.” —Modern Farmer

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