Chirps, Quirks, and Stories of 100 Birds from the Popular Public Radio Show
by BirdNote; Edited by Ellen Blackstone; Illustrated by Emily Poole

an excellent gift for the would-be birder in your family. And even veteran birders will enjoy it.…I recommend this book to anyone who loves birds (or anyone you think should love birds).”
–EcoLit Books 

This beautiful gift book features entertaining and informative essays from the popular public radio program, BirdNote, accompanied by gorgeous full-color illustrations throughout–an illuminating volume for bird and nature lovers across North America.

Here are 100 of the best stories about our avian friends from the public radio show BirdNote, each brief essay illuminating the life, habits, or songs of a particular bird.
> Why do geese fly in a V-formation?
> Why are worms so good for you–if you’re a robin?
> Which bird calls, “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?”

From wrens that nest in cactuses to gulls that have a strange red dot on their bills–these digestible and fascinating bird stories are a delightful window to the winged world.

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