Body (Words of Change series)

Body (Words of Change series)

Powerful Voices, Inspiring Ideas
by Kai, Maiysha

Learn to love and celebrate your physical self, and be inspired by the words of body-positive activists.

Self-acceptance is your true super-power.

Body positivity is an essential aspect of healthy self-acceptance. Exemplified by mega-star Lizzo’s exuberant brand of self-love, body-positive voices are showing us all how to love ourselves just as we are.
No one should ever feel uncomfortable beacuse of their size, color, gender, ability, or age. Discover the joy of self-acceptance through this vibrant collection of quotes from celebrities as varied as Demi Lovato, Amy Schumer, Jonathan Van Ness, and Jameela Jamil, as well as leading activists including Sonya Renee Taylor, Alice Wong, and Jessamyn Stanley.
Say goodbye to body-shaming and embrace yourself in all your gorgeousness!

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