Grow a Damn Plant Journal

Grow a Damn Plant Journal

by Thrasher, Tyler

From Instagram artist/botanist/self-proclaimed “mad scientist” Tyler Thrasher comes a gardening journal grounded in science, perfect for indoor or outdoor plants of every type.

This luxe plant journal challenges the user to “think like a botanist”—it’s secretly educational wrapped in a stunning package. It includes over 100 entry pages to document and observe your plants through the lens of an excited and curious botanist! Author Tyler Thrasher brings the same energetic, knowledgeable voice to the journal as his fans have come to expect from his popular Instagram account. 

Each journal includes:
   Over 100 entry pages with room for notes, watering and fertilizer regimen, seasonal observations, light recommendations, and sketches
   Fertilizer tips
   Pest tips
   Soil tips
   pH tips
   An entry index to easily locate each plant entry
   Pages of recipe cards for your very own soil recipes
As a scientist himself who hybridizes new plants, the author was looking for something that didn’t exist, so he created the definitive plant journal himself. One that can serve as your personal plant database while also offering helpful tips on things like pests, fertilizer, making the perfect soil, and more. 

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