Long Story Short

Long Story Short

The Only Storytelling Guide You'll Ever Need
by Margot Leitman

A Moth storytelling champion shows you how to leave your audience spellbound in this bestselling, practical guide to powerful storytelling—through writing, public speaking, and more.

Using a fun, irreverent, and infographic approach, Margot Leitman breaks storytelling into concrete components. Whether you want to write a great wedding toast, deliver a compelling keynote speech, or simply entertain friends and family, comedian and Moth 5-time champion storyeller Margot Leitman provides a clear and engaging roadmap to telling your own personal stories in this approachable storytelling guide.

From content and structure to emotional impact and delivery, Leitman guides you through the entire storytelling process, providing personal anecdotes, relatable examples, and practical exercises along the way.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Getting Started
Chapter 1. You Already Have Great Stories
Chapter 2. Getting Past Fear
Chapter 3. The Truth
Chapter 4. The Universal Theme
Chapter 5. The Thesis-Based Story
Part 2: Elements of a Story
Chapter 6. Passion
Chapter 7. Layering a Story
Chapter 8. Perspective
Chapter 9. Character
Chapter 10. Rooting for the Storyteller
Chapter 11. The Full Circle
Chapter 12. Someone Else’s Story
Chapter 13. The Unexpected
Chapter 14. The Benign
Part 3: The Performance and Beyond
Chapter 15. How to Memorize & Vocalize a Story
Chapter 16. The Business of Storytelling

“This book is essential—a reminder that the world would be a better place if everyone knew how to tell a good story.”
—Diana Spechler, author and seven-time Moth StorySLAM winner

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