Raising Securely Attached Kids

Raising Securely Attached Kids

Using Connection-Focused Parenting to Create Confidence, Empathy, and Resilience
by Harwood, Eli  

Create a secure emotional bond with your children—for a close, fulfilling parent-child relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Therapist and wildly popular attachment research expert Eli Harwood (@attachmentnerd) illuminates attachment theory for the only parenting approach proven to have a lasting impact.

How do you raise confident, resilient, and empathetic children so they become adults with a secure attachment style? 

The first ingredient needed is a trusting and connected relationship. When children feel seen, heard, and supported, all the other parenting tips and tricks start to work. 

In this essential guide for parents across the age spectrum, author Eli Harwood shares what attachment theory—the science that explores the innate human need to bond with other humans—says about helping our children learn, grow, and thrive. Through making complex attachment research accessible, she provides a practical road map to the only parenting approach proven to have lasting positive impact.

When you parent with connection in mind, trust and a safe emotional bond develops, which is key to help kids self-regulate according to the most advanced relationship science today. This book includes strategies and practice scripts for navigating tricky terrain, Nerd Alert! sections to help explain the science, and personal stories of scenes from connection-focused parenting.

Most parenting books are focused on changing unwanted behaviors, but this book is unlike anything else out there: it’ll update and upgrade other parenting approaches to make parenting for a lifetime of connection actually fun.

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