Street Trees of Seattle

Street Trees of Seattle

An Illustrated Walking Guide
by Ebrahimi, Taha

The majestic trees of Seattle’s neighborhoods take center stage in this illustrated and informative walking guide.

  • Want to discover which neighborhood has the highest concentration of cherry street trees when cherry blossoms are at their peak?
  • Eager to stroll down the only street lined with western red cedars?
  • Curious how monkey puzzle trees made their way to the city?

Using data visualization as a starting point, the author takes readers on a tour of existing street trees throughout Seattle’s neighborhoods and iconic parks through charming illustrations and maps. In the process, she educates readers on the history of the trees and the city, and offers up sketches of trees, leaves, and leaflets to identify trees throughout 33 different neighborhoods. The most notable of each species are highlighted, so urban adventurers can fully appreciate their surroundings or design their own walking routes to experience these natural wonders in their favorite areas of the city.

The book is organized alphabetically by neighborhood and each area:

  • Showcases a species of tree
  • Includes a history of the tree and neighborhood
  • Offers maps and callouts for spotting the best street specimens 

In an increasingly digital world, the book invites readers to slow down and embrace an analog approach to tree-spotting during their urban meanderings.

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