The Creaky Knees Guide Oregon, 2nd Edition

The Creaky Knees Guide Oregon, 2nd Edition

The 85 Best Easy Hikes
by Seabury Blair Jr.

Find the best easy hikes in Oregon with this friendly guide to 85 days hikes throughout the state!

This day-hiking guidebook features the best 85 eighty-five low-impact hikes throughout the state from the Oregon Coast and Columbia River Gorge to Mount Hood. Written in an informative style that will appeal to anyone, regardless of age, the guide covers hikes in six regions throughout the state as well urban hikes and walks. Each trail description includes elevation gains, including a topographical map; clear, up-to-date driving directions; mileage and estimated hiking time; trail conditions; and more. Creaky Knees hiking guides are perfect for aging baby boomers, seniors, those traveling with small children, and anyone else interested more in a stroll than a climb.

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