The Universe in 100 Colors

The Universe in 100 Colors

Weird and Wondrous Colors from Science and Nature
by Tyler Thrasher and Terry Mudge

At the intersection of science, art, and design, this must-have coffee table book highlights 100 mind-blowing colors that you’ve likely never seen before.

From Instagram sensation and self-described “mad scientist artist” Tyler Thrasher and creator of the popular Matter subscription box Terry Mudge, this book comes with a foreword by Hank Green.

This gorgeous compendium contains 100 amazing colors that you might otherwise live your whole life unaware of. These colors exist in the strangest of places, and serve extremely specific functions in nature, or were human-made with one goal in mind.

In this oversized, design-forward book you’ll find entries for each of the 100 colors, organized in gradient order, with structural and impossible colors set at the end. Each entry has a 2-page spread with a full-page image of the color plus snappy descriptions, and easy-to-understand category symbols. Some entries include diagrams. Even includes structural colors and colors outside the range of human visibility! Also included is a brief introduction to color theory, a myth-busting section, plus index, glossary, and notes.

Here is your universe in living color:
Cosmic Latte: The average color of the universe.
Dragon’s Blood: A tropical tree that bleeds red resin with incredible medicinal potential.
Sonoluminescence: A color created by sound!
Eigengrau: The color we perceive in the absence of light (and no, it’s not “pitch black”).

Perfect for anyone who loves science or art, and bursting with astonishing facts and stunning photography, The Universe in 100 Colors is a wonder for the senses.

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