A Dinosaur for Washington

A Dinosaur for Washington

The True Story of Suciasaurus
by Kelly Milner Halls; With Illustrations by Rick Spears

This true story of the only dinosaur fossil ever found in Washington State, and the work required to identify it, is filled with engaging illustrations and photography that will capture the imagination of young dinophiles and amateur fossil hunters—for aspiring paleologists ages 8-12.

Follow the remarkable tale of Washington State’s ONLY dinosaur fossil—from the amazing discovery by amateur fossil hunters to the detective work of expert paleontologists trying to determine what ancient creature left the fossilized bone behind millions of years ago.
    Young fossil hunters will have fun learning about the discovery and excavation of this rare treasure, nicknamed Suciasaurus for the island on which it was found, with this engaging book filled colorful dinosaur illustrations, and photographs of fossils and dig sites.
    Kids can also dig into the additional content in the book, which includes:

  • An illustrated tyrannosaurus family tree
  • Where to go and what to take if you go fossil hunting
  • Details about the tools scientists use for fossil preparation
  • A glossary of terms related to paleontology

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