A Flash of Color and Light

A Flash of Color and Light

A Biography of Dale Chihuly
by Sharon Mentyka; Illustrated by Shelley Couvillion

The first-ever picture book biography of world-renowned glassmaker Dale Chihuly—with stunning watercolor illustrations that reveal the history of the art—for aspiring artists ages 5-9.

Travel along with Dale Chihuly on his life’s journey full of curiosity, discovery, teamwork, and perseverance as he overcomes challenges to become a glass artist of international acclaim.

Dale Chihuly’s early life presented many challenges, such as tragic losses in his family at a young age and an accident that left him blind in one eye, yet his resilience, hard work, and optimism taught him life-long skills that became inseparable from his body of work—incomparable glass creations that provide rich material for the book’s gorgeous illustrations.

In addition to the narrative story, curious readers will enjoy additional reading material which includes: 

  • Additional biographical information about Dale Chihuly
  • Brief history of the evolution of glassmaking 
  • A timeline of Dale Chihuly’s life
  • A glossary

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