Families of a Feather

Families of a Feather

A Celebration of Family Diversity
by Fern Wexler; Illustrated by Kelsey Buzzell

This beautifully illustrated picture book celebrates and shares the diversity of family structures by exploring a variety of bird families and the many ways they care for and raise their young—perfect for families with young children ages 4-8.

Discover the diverse family lives of a variety of bird species and the many different ways they work together to care for their young in this gorgeous book that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Did you know:

  • Emu fathers and Ruby-Throated Hummingbird mothers raise their chicks all by themselves.
  • Laysan albatross chicks can have two moms who take turns sitting on their eggs. 
  • Acorn Woodpeckers raise babies in huge family groups with many moms, dads, and siblings helping out.
  • Black Swans can grow up with two dads.

Families of a Feather illustrates the diverse nature of family structures with a message of love and acceptance that no matter what a family looks like they express their love for each other, and everyone deserves to be loved.

The book includes a short field guide with more information about the bird species included in the book.

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