Working Boats Coloring Book

Working Boats Coloring Book

by Tom Crestodina

“Boys and girls — and grown-ups — intrigued by the maritime world of the North Pacific will get much pleasure and a pack of insider knowledge from Tom Crestodina’s Working Boats.” (New York Times)

This richly illustrated coloring book, inspired by the bestselling picture book, is perfect for coloring enthusiasts of all ages who are curious about boats and the maritime world.

Step into the fascinating world of the maritime community, with this fun and gorgeous coloring book filled with Tom Crestodina’s illustrations of intriguing working boats and lively maritime scenes. Coloring enthusiasts of all ages will love bringing this dynamic world to life in full color. 

This engaging coloring book features 31 full-page illustrations for coloring.  Facing pages include information about the subjects of each of the drawings, with text by essayist Tele Aadsen, which is paired with vignette illustrations that also invite coloring.

Set in a region steeped in the maritime industry, this coloring book celebrates the boats and the lives of people who work in this industry, and gives coloring enthusiasts everywhere a peek into the fascinating world of working boats.

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