Sasquatch Picks: Five Books for Right Now

Welcome to Sasquatch Picks: Five Books for Right Now, a curated list of our top five monthly reading recommendations. Our November books are wonderful new releases, just in time for the holidays. No matter who is on your list, we have a book they will love! This list features books that make great gifts for home cooks, health-conscious cooks, planners & organizers, history buffs, and young readers or new parents.

Five Books for Your Holiday Gift List

I Heart Soul Food
by Rosie Mayes

Learn to cook comfort food the way mom used to! Rosie Mayes, the beloved creator of I Heart Recipes, shares all the secrets of southern classics like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, collard greens, and mac & cheese, plus soulful twists like Sweet Potato Biscuits and Fried Ribs. Authentic, approachable, and mouthwatering, these recipes use easy-to-find ingredients. Perfect for Sunday suppers and other celebrations as well as everyday favorites, these recipes are love on a plate. This is the perfect gift for the home cook on your list!



52 Lists Planner (Black Floral)
by Moorea Seal

From the bestselling author of the 52 Lists journal series comes a stylish new edition of the popular 52 Lists undated Planner in Black Floral. The planner includes month at-a-glance pages, weekly agenda pages, weekly mood tracker, daily gratitude practice, project planning pages, reflective journaling prompts, custom-designed stickers, quotes from inspiring women, and more! It is perfect for professionals, students, parents, teachers, artists; anyone on your list who wants to live mindfully and likes to plan ahead!



Unsettled Ground
by Cassandra Tate

A nineteenth-century attack by Native Americans on a Presbyterian mission in what would become the Oregon Territory proved to be a turning point in the history of the American West. This book examines the tangled legacy of the Whitman Massacre. Historian and journalist Cassandra Tate takes a fresh look at the personalities, dynamics, disputes, social pressures, and shifting legacy of a pivotal event in the history of the American West. Unsettled Ground is a great gift for any history buffs on your list! On sale November 17th.



Easy Beans
by Jackie Freeman

Beans are a “superfood” and a budget-conscious, plant-based protein for meat and non-meat eaters alike. An excellent everyday option, they’re easy to make the main focus of a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or to sneak into something for an extra boost (think smoothies!). The cookbook includes forty simple, delicious recipes for dips and spreads, salads and soups, as well as for mains. Whether you’re stocked up on dried or canned beans, there’s plenty of inspiration here. Easy Beans is another cookbook that makes a great gift this holiday season!



You Are Home with Me
by Sarah Asper-Smith and Mitchell Watley

Young readers can explore the many ways that animals create a habitat for their young in this charming board book, filled with baby animals and their parents. A polar bear carves out a den in a snowbank to keep its cub warm. A tufted puffin digs out a burrow to shelter its young on a cliff near the sea. A lynx makes a shelter under a fallen tree to snuggle with its kitten. Young children will learn all about these animals and more, as each spread also includes a short piece of nonfiction about each creature. A great gift for new parents!


Sasquatch Picks: Five Books for Right Now will be back next month with more reading recommendations!