Little Bigfoot Earth Day Reading List

Celebrate Earth Day with educational books that the whole family will enjoy. These books encourage kids to get outdoors, teach fun lessons about frogs, alligators, and orcas, and allow readers to explore nature!


Nobody Likes Frogs
By Barbara Davis-Pyles, Illustrated by Liz Wong

According to Persnickety Q. Turtle, nobody likes frogs! Why would they? In this humorous narrative nonfiction picture book, the reader is cleverly put in the role of “expert” to educate Persnickety Turtle about the amazing amphibian known as the frog. With the reader’s help, Persnickety Q. Turtle learns intriguing frog facts and all the reasons why frogs are such incredible creatures.





Curious Kids Nature Journal
By Fiona Cohen, Illustrated by Marni Fylling

A companion to the bestselling Curious Kids Nature Guide, this journal is full of prompts and activities that will encourage kids to get outdoors. Over 100 color and scientifically accurate illustrations help kids more easily look for and identify plants and animals, as well as natural phenomena, such as animal tracks and nurse logs. Writing, drawing, and activity prompts inspire kids to record and track their observations. They’re encouraged to use their senses to explore and engage with nature in their own backyards and beyond!




Curious Kids Nature Guide
By Fiona Cohen, Illustrated by Marni Fylling

Did you know that baby raccoons are smaller than a bar of soap? Or that salmon smell using little pits in the front of their eyes? Curious Kids Nature Guide is filled with full-color illustrations and fun facts about the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, encouraging kids to discover and explore nature in their own backyards and beyond. Organized by habitat—forest, beach, fresh water, and backyards and urban parks—this book will teach kids about some of the most intriguing flora, fauna, and natural phenomena of the region while also sharing ecological lessons.




By Emma Bland Smith, Illustrated by Jennifer M. Potter

Claude is a celebrity alligator and the mascot for San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences. He is their beloved albino alligator, and this story tells his amazing journal from his birth in Louisiana to his present-day life at the Academy. Follow Claude on his journey from isolation to finding friends and a true home in his swamp at the Academy and discover that his differences are what make him special!





Explore the Salish Sea
By Joseph K. Gaydos and Audrey DeLella Benedict

Filled with beautiful photography and engaging text, Explore the Salish Sea inspires children to explore the unique marine ecosystem that encompasses the coastal waters from Seattle’s Puget Sound up to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Georgia Strait of British Columbia. This book covers wildlife habitats, geodiversity, intertidal and subtidal sea life, and highlights what is unique to this Pacific Northwest ecosystem.




The Spirit of Springer
By Amanda Abler, Illustrated by Levi Hastings

A compelling nonfiction picture book about the remarkable rescue of an orphaned orca calf, Springer (A73), whose story captured the hearts of whale lovers throughout the Pacific Northwest. This is a hopeful and celebratory conservation story with a happy ending and includes five pages of illustrated extras to go deeper into Springer’s story.





Who Lives near a Glacier?
By Susi Gregg Fowler, Illustrated by Jim Fowler

A gorgeously illustrated ode to the Alaskan animals that live and play in an environment that features some of the region’s most impressive, natural, and constantly changing landscapes. Through poignant poems paired with informative facts about each animal, Who Lives near a Glacier? celebrates the creatures that not only survive but thrive alongside the shifting landscape.