52 Lists for Calm

52 Lists for Calm

Journaling Inspiration for Soothing Anxiety and Creating a Peaceful Life (A Self Care Journal with Inspiring Prompts for Mindfulness and Stress Relief)
by Moorea Seal

Over 1 million copies sold in the bestselling 52 Lists journal series

Manage stress and relieve anxiety with motivational journal prompts—one for every week of the year—that offer a safe, calming space for self-care and mindful reflection.

Featuring gorgeous illustrations and inspirational quotes, this hardcover list journal is the perfect gift for anyone suffering from anxiety, tension, and burnout.

Develop well-being and peace of mind through the calming practice of list-making. This inspiring journal features 52 list prompts to help you focus on self-care, compassion, and acceptance to overcome stress and anxiety. Filled with special design features to inspire and delight, 52 Lists for Calm includes:

• 52 guided journal prompts divided into 4 themes: Be Present, Look Back, Move Forward, and Release
• Each prompt includes a related short exercise (meditations, affirmations, relaxation exercises, releasing, creating, boundary-setting, etc.) 
• Full-color photographs and illustrations throughout
• Inspiring quotes and thought-provoking short essays
• Metallic accents
• Golden satin ribbon place-holder
• Resources and personalized tool kit at the back to fill with strategies for anxiety relief
52 Lists for Calm provides a safe, easy, and beautiful space to practice self-care and reflect on the best parts of your daily life. Whether you suffer from anxiety and burnout, or just need a little more peace in your life, this inspiring journal will guide you towards greater serenity and happiness.

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