Best Worst Grateful

Best Worst Grateful

A Daily 5 Minute Mindfulness Journal to Cultivate Gratitude and Live a Peaceful, Positive, and Happier Life
by Spruce Books

Harness the power of gratitude and live a happier life through guided journaling! Stylish color block cover adds a vibrant vibe to your daily gratitude practice.

Be more joyful with this easy-to-use mindfulness journal that offers you the opportunity to take a moment each day for a thoughtful but quick self-review, noting the high point, the low point, and one thing for which you feel truly grateful. When you acknowledge your highs and lows, and focus on your moment of gratitude, you learn to transcend the difficult moments and live more joyfully.

True wellness begins with mindfulness. Best Worst Grateful is perfect tool for self-care:

  • 5 minutes per day–that’s all you need to invest in greater happiness and personal growth
  • Proven and practical–studies show that mindfulness and gratitude practices improve mood, focus, and memory
  • Easy and enjoyable to use–attractive interior pages offer plenty of safe space to record the day’s memorable moments and lessons
  • Inspiring–uplifting quotes on the power of gratitude appear throughout
  • Train your gratitude muscles–includes exercises for discovering things to feel grateful for all around us

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