Dog Days: Your Furbaby Memory Book

Dog Days: Your Furbaby Memory Book

A Journal for Celebrating Your Best Beastie
by Ryan, Susanna

This whimsical and useful memory book allows you to record everyday adventures with your dog; the charming illustrations will delight you as you fill out the pages and return to them again and again.

This is the book every pet parent needs to chronicle the best moments with their canine furbaby. TikTok videos are great and all, but don’t you want a brag book you can add to, look back at, and display for all of your pup’s admirers? 

The beginning section allows you to record background information about your pooch: name, origin story, tricks they know, favorite toys, you get the idea. Use the rest of the journal as you’re inspired, adding to over time and recording memories as they’re happening, like good days together, memorable walks, and road trips. Author and illustrator Susanna Ryan infuses each page with her signature humor and charm, making this a memory book you’ll adore filling out almost as much as you adore your furbaby.

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