DIY Fermentation for Vegan Fare, Including Recipes for Krauts, Pickles, Koji, Tempeh, Nut- & Seed-Based Cheeses, Fermented Beverages & What to Do with Them
by Adams, Aaron

Rich in techniques for easy-to-achieve plant-based ferments plus 60+ recipes for super tasty at-home vegan meals that incorporate them, Fermenter will be a friend for the fermentation curious as well as home-cook vegans looking to level up.

Combining the comprehensive, cook-like-a-scientist The Noma Guide to Fermentation but with a punk, DIY aesthetic, Fermenter provides the sought-after secrets and words of wisdom from Portland’s top fermentation educators, rising star chef Aaron Adams and author Liz Crain.

Based in Portland, Oregon (vegan capital of America), Fermenter specializes in culinary fermentation from a local, plant-based perspective. They handcraft their own local bean and grain tempehs, fresh and aged vegan cheeses, fizzy probiotic drinks, and koji ferments.

Start with a beginner’s lacto-ferment like the North Coast Kraut (made with seaweed!), move on to a more complex ferment such as DIY chickpea miso, then put it all together into one final, craveable dish such as the Koji Beet Reuben and Cheesy Jojo Supreme with Tempeh Bacon. Now home-cook vegans can discover the secret to what makes Fermenter so in-demand for vegans and omnivores alike. Beware: Vegetables will be slaughtered.

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