How to Be Fearless

How to Be Fearless

In 7 Simple Steps
by Jessica Hagy

“Using her cheeky signature graphs, Hagy keenly outlines the 7 steps that will desaturate your fear and alter the way you approach each day: with fresh purpose, power, and clarity.”
—Meera Lee Patel, author of Create Your Own Calm and Start Where You Are

Ready to shake off worry and jump-start your life, but not sure if that’s even possible? This quick read from Jessica Hagy, master of the Venn diagram and author of the bestselling How to Be Interesting, will get you started. Told entirely through insightful infographics, mood-boosting charts and short, inspiring messages, this little book will shift your thinking away from swirling doubt and help you find your path. Written like a series of gentle, encouraging notes and doodles from your smartest, funniest friend, it’s a helpful gift for new graduates, the newly married, the newly divorced, and the newly employed or unemployed. This bright and colorful small-format hardcover book fits easily into a bag or pack.

“This inviting handbook will be of aid to those in need of strategies to overcome anxious thoughts.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

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