Yay All Day

Yay All Day

Daily Inspirational Journal for Tweens and Teens
by Asha Myers; Illustrated by Courtney Cook

Think happy! Get inspired by stories of people who have used creativity and flair to bring positivity into the world–and journal your way to optimism with this transformative journal that’s perfect for tweens and teens.

Yay All Day!is a good news journal filled with uplifting tidbits that celebrate how we can make a difference in our world with silliness, sweetness, and a little bit of sass. Flip through when you need an infusion of hope and become inspired by your own ability to spread optimism and joy. Studies show that the more you focus on the positive, the better you feel, and investing in journaling for just a few minutes a day improves your mood and overall sense of hope for the future.

Inside find:

  Bright and happy 1970s illustration style features racial, geographic, and gender inclusivity
  A lined and dot grid format to capture your own ideas and thoughts
  Inspirational stories of people effecting change both large and small–from young Twitter activists who brought together more than ten thousand people to march against racism to the teen scientist who designed weighted belts for turtles with “bubblebutt” syndrome to enable them to dive for food again

Bask in the glow of these happy pages!

Wow, wow, WOW! This journal is a visual, intellectual, and philosophical smorgasbord of delights. Here is a tangible and interactive exploration of self for young people that (thank goodness) isn’t digital, yet maintains its ability to be beautifully addictive.”  
–Meggan Kaiser, bestselling author of Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad

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