Immigration (Words of Change series)

Immigration (Words of Change series)

Powerful Voices, Inspiring Ideas
by Anik Khan

A gift book of quotes that opens up the immigrant experience.

Explore one of the most-talked about issues of our time in this vibrant collection. These thought-provoking quotes offer readers understanding, personal stories, and inspiration in a beautiful package. Compiled by hiphop artist Anik Khan, these quotes offer a fresh perspective on a hot-button topic.

From the founders of the United States, immigrants all, to the Dreamers of today, people have always come to America to share their gifts and contribute to the American dream. Quotes from the famous and the unknown give this book a unique perspective. Hear what celebrities from Kerry Washington to Hasan Minhaj to Zendaya, as well as political thinkers from JFK to AOC, have to say about immigration. At once an homage and a call to action, this is a wonderful gift for new immigrants and first-generation Americans, as well as all those whose ancestors sought their fortunes in this land.

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