Tattoo Design Journal

Tattoo Design Journal

by Emma Grace Larkin

A perfect gift for anyone dreaming about getting a tattoo, this gorgeous guided journal offers thoughtful prompts and plenty of blank space to hold all your tattoo inspirations!

What kind of imagery would make the most meaningful tattoo for you? Use the prompts to re-imagine your favorite places, cherished memories, beloved people or pets, symbols, equations, quotes, or works of art as tattoos—and use the blank pages for your designs. This innovative guided journal by a noted tattoo artist leads to greater self-understanding and helps you and your ink artist to create a tattoo (or more than one) that you will be proud to show off forever.
Design the perfect tattoo for you!

Also includes: 

* A brief history of tattooing
* Notes on the emotional and spiritual aspects of getting a tattoo
* Descriptions of the different styles of tattoos 

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