Mindful Sketching

Mindful Sketching

How to Develop a Drawing Practice and Embrace the Art of Imperfection
by Peggy Dean

Slow down, connect with your artistic side, and unleash your innate creativity with this unique guide that’s one part mindfulness practice and one part drawing instruction.

“[Dean’s] joyful approach to embracing imperfections throughout the process is a breath of fresh air… Thanks to her inclusive style, beginners and pros alike can feel confident in their creativity.” —Brit + Co

Let beloved art teacher Peggy Dean (IG: @thepigeonletters) show you how powerful it is to create something! Discover the pleasure of expressing yourself through sketching—even if you think you can’t draw. 

Peggy’s got tips on the materials you’ll need, easy techniques you can use right away, and methods for approaching any subject or location. She offers step-by-step exercises to help you relax into the drawing process, and gives you ways to tackle tricky beginner problems like “what should I sketch?” 

Learn how to stay with the small moments as you work, draw what you see around you, and embrace the results.

Grab your sketchbook and experience how relaxing, rewarding, and life-changing a drawing practice can be.

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