My Cooking Life

My Cooking Life

What I Made, How It Turned Out, and How I Felt About It (Gifts for Cooks)
by Books, Spruce

Guided journaling meets your personal recipe tracker in this
giftable journal created especially for home chefs.

Bring intentionality to your cooking life with this delightful guided journal with prompts to:

  • describe the recipes you’ve tried
  • explain why you chose them
  • note how you modified them
  • list what did and didn’t work about the recipe
  • jot down how you felt about it
    Far more than just a blank journal for recipe tracking, My Cooking Life is destined to become a cherished, customized keepsake for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen.
    With thoughtful prompts that celebrate all the creativity and work that goes into the art of creating great meals, the result is not only a keepsake that will help inform your future cooking decisions and make you a better cook but a personal memento that you’ll love to look back through.

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