The Just Girl Project Self-Love Journal

The Just Girl Project Self-Love Journal

by Harkavy, Ilana

Learn to love and accept yourself with this illustrated guided journal for young women.

The journey to self-love is not always easy–but it’s always worthwhile! Filled with insightful questions and relatable illustrations, this guided journal invites you to write about who you are, who you want to be, how you want to live, and how you can fulfill your dreams. On every page, readers will find both tips and prompts to help: 

  • practice self-acceptance
  • gain mindful self-awareness
  • discover your best self
  • create healthy relationships
  • be a good friend
  • break out of unhealthy spirals and habits
  • use your self-knowledge wisely
    Being yourself is your super-power—use this journal to explore and embrace all the unique aspects of your personality! 

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