Little Red Riding Hood of the Pacific Northwest

Little Red Riding Hood of the Pacific Northwest

by Marcia Crews; Illustrated by Jeremiah Trammell

A well-known fairy tale takes on a new twist!

Once upon a time on the shore of the Salish Sea lived a bold, brave young girl bursting with the spirit of adventure. When she inherits a red-velvet cape her mother wore as a child, she sets off on a journey through the woods to bring her great-grandmother a surprise for her birthday. Who does she meet along the way? A wolf, who has a surprise of his own!

This well-known Grimms’ fairy tale takes on a new twist in a Pacific Northwest setting. A young girl who lives by the Salish Sea inherits a red-velvet cape and the nickname Little Red Riding Hood from her mother when she’s old enough to venture out on her own.

As Little Red goes off on her first solo adventure to surprise her great-grandmother, who lives deep in the woods, her mother reminds her to stick to the trail around the mountain. And to watch out for wolves!

But Little Red quickly forgets her mother’s advice! A big wolf, who seems so friendly, convinces her to take a shortcut over a mountain. So off she goes in a new direction, meeting other animals who assist her on the way, never suspecting that the wolf is making his own plans to visit her great-grandmother’s house with a big surprise!

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