Anti-Racism (Words of Change series)

Anti-Racism (Words of Change series)

Powerful Voices, Inspiring Ideas
by Kenrya Rankin

Over 100 insightful passages from anti-racist leaders, both past and present—including Ibram X. Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Audre Lorde, and Malcolm X—presented by the author of How We Fight White Supremacy.

Celebrate resistance and spark change with this “powerful collection” of inspirational quotes for allies and activists dedicated to promoting racial equity (Ms. Magazine).

This collection of stirring quotes from anti-racist activists is a call to action and a blast of truth. In these pages readers will find understanding and inspiration to end racial injustice.

Journalist and activist Kenrya Rankin’s powerful introduction explains how systemic racism poisons the atmosphere for everyone, while her selection of vibrant quotes illuminates and honors the work of anti-racist leaders past and present. Beautifully presented quotes and capsule biographies of the activists make this book a perfect gift or resource for students, educators, librarians, advocates, and allies who seek social justice and promote anti-racism. Voices include:

• Jason Reynolds
• Ibram X. Kendi
• Adrienne Maree Brown
• Roxane Gay
• Ta-Nehisi Coates
• Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
• Robin DiAngelo
• Darnell Moore
• Lizzo
• Audre Lorde
• Malcolm X
and many more!

Now more than ever, the fight for racial justice requires all of us to participate, not just during Black History Month—but every day of the year.

Partial proceeds to benefit The Movement for Black Lives Fund.

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