Upper Left Cities

Upper Left Cities

A Cultural Atlas of San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle
by Hunter Shobe and David Banis, with Zuriel van Belle

Compare and contrast San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle through 150 innovative infographic maps that blend traditional cartography with modern graphic design.

Upper Left Cities redefines modern cartography by going into uncharted territory to create a narrative about three great cities through informative and detailed infographic maps.

Explore and compare San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle through:

   • wildlife and city trails
   • voting records
   • commutes
   • marathon routes
   • food and drink patterns
From the team that brought you Portlandness, this cultural atlas includes more than 150 maps, each using data around a given topic and then translating that to a creative and often unexpected visual format. The result is a perfect blend of form and function, each map is meticulously and ingeniously designed.

The collection of maps cover:

   • history
   • geography
   • social and economic issues
   • pop culture

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