The Art of Flora Forager

The Art of Flora Forager

by Bridget Beth Collins

“Flower fans and nature enthusiasts will fall in love with this charming art book from Instagram sensation Flora Forager, featuring the best of her unique botanical composition.”
—Shelf Awareness

Flora Forager creates delightful images out of flower petals, leaves, stones, twigs, and other natural materials that she finds in her garden and in urban wild areas in her neighborhood.

This beautiful gift book collects her best pieces, including new, exclusive art, along with a peek into her unique creative process. Featured pieces include Harry Potter, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Hobbit Hole—all made out of flowers!

Flora Forager’s artworks include mandalas, animals, birds, fish, insects, mythical creatures, iconic women, old masters, and more. Each artwork is accompanied by explanatory text on a facing page including piece name, materials used, and a short, evocative description of the artist’s process and inspiration.

Research has shown that spending time with nature has been linked to improved attention spans, increased levels of serotonin, fewer negative thoughts, and increased activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability, and love. The Art of Flora Forager is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to bring more nature and beauty in their lives.

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