Sasquatch Picks to Enjoy the PNW Summer

There’s still time to make the most of your summer! Explore the great outdoors, hit the road, enjoy the sun at the beach, or serve up delicious seasonal recipes with our list of essential PNW #SasquatchBooks đź“š

Northwest Know-How: Trees
by Karen Gaudette Brewer; Illustrated by Emily Poole

If you’re hiking this summer, be sure to pack this entertaining and educational guide of the Pacific Northwest’s most engaging and impressive varieties. It provides identification tips, statistics, and fun facts for each of the 54 trees featured and beautiful illustrations showing the full silhouette along with finer details such as a flower or leaf of the awe-inspiring sentinels that dot our landscape. It’s a delight for the curious observer and experienced arborist alike.


The Best Coast
by Chandler O’Leary

Take an unforgettable summer road trip with this quirky, illustrated book showcasing the West Coast’s historic routes. Featuring roadside attractions, beloved landmarks, hidden history, and other offbeat delights, it’s the ultimate inspiration for a trip. It also includes route maps, travel tips, packing guides, and more! From San Diego, California, all the way up to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, find off-the-beaten-path adventures up and down the historic highways (including the PCH!) of the West Coast.


Seattle Walk Report
by Susanna Ryan

Susanna Ryan, known locally as Instagram sensation Seattle Walk Report, uses her distinctive comic style and eagle eye to illustrate the charming and quirky people, places, and things that define Seattle’s neighborhoods. Explore 24 popular neighborhoods’ history, notable landmarks, and curiosities that make each area so distinctive. It’s a fun and engaging way to explore the city’s iconic, diverse, hipster, historic, and grand neighborhoods. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to venture outside on a sunny day!


The Portland Book of Dates
by Eden Dawn and Ashod Simonian

Authors and real-life couple Eden Dawn and Ashod Simonian are hip, in-the-know Portland natives who went on more than 155 dates to create this curated, cool, and quirky guide to inspire romance and adventure in the Rose City—from one-hour coffee and ice cream dates in Portland’s neighborhoods to multi-day expeditions to Hood River and Mount St. Helens and more! Whether you’re visiting or call Portland home, this is the book that will give you endless options to explore the city this summer!


The Pacific Crest Trail
by Joshua M. Powell

A visual feast for the senses, see the beauty and the beastliness of the 2,650-mile wilderness hike from Mexico to Canada through clever infographics, modern illustration, and insightful text. The Pacific Crest Trail captures both the grandeur of the West Coast as well as the tiniest things that a thru-hiker notices and experiences during a 140-day trek—everything from trail markers to weather challenges and more. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or armchair explorers, it’s the Pacific Crest Trail as you’ve never seen it before!


By the Shore
by Nancy Blakey

Explore the PNW like a local with an adventure guide that includes activities, crafts, and recipes. You’ll find info on whale watching and squid jigging, how to cook and catch seasonal seafood, the basics of water sports, how to make your own sea salt or fish prints, plus ideas for outdoor adventure opportunities and travel itineraries. By the Shore covers the coastal areas of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada. With gorgeous illustrations and color photographs, it’s eye candy for the armchair adventurer and a practical guide for your next outing!


The Salmon Sisters
by Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton

Discover the remarkable and wild lives of Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton, the Salmon Sisters, who grew up on a homestead in the Aleutians where the family ran a commercial fishing boat in the Alaskan sea. They share their inspiring life and work story and their hearty and comforting recipes that honor wild foods from the sea and the shore. Here are creative and simple ways to enjoy wild salmon, halibut, and spot prawns, as well as simple crafts and ideas for exploring the natural world.


Northwest Know-How: Beer
by by Jacob Uitti; Illustrated by Jake Stoumbos

Explore the world of PNW craft beer with Northwest Know-How: Beer! This is your summer guide to all that is malty and hoppy in the Pacific Northwest and an ode to the region’s brews. From the brewing basics and local lore to resident brewers and their standout drafts, this book equips readers with interesting facts, brewery origin stories, and resources for connecting with other beer enthusiasts.