Better with Books: Race & Ethnicity Reading Lists for Tweens & Teens

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We stand against racism and violence toward the Black community. And we commit to listening — to our readers, to our authors, and to our teams — as we work toward becoming part of this change.

Reading is a powerful action on the path to become anti-racist and is an excellent way to start the conversation with your loved ones, especially tweens and teens. Today we would like to turn our commitment into action and share with you reading lists for those looking for books about race and ethnicity by BIPOC authors, sourced from Better with Books: 500 Diverse Books

Better with Books: Mental Health Awareness Reading Lists for Tweens & Teens

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May is Mental Health Awareness month. Many young people are dealing with issues that can isolate them from family and friends, perhaps now more than ever—among them depression, anxiety, racism, and homophobia—and relating to characters in novels who face similar challenges can help them feel less alone. With so many bookstores and libraries closed we can’t easily turn to those experts we rely on to recommend the right books to fit our children’s needs. In her book Better with Books: 500 Diverse Books to Ignite Empathy and Encourage Self-Acceptance in Tweens and Teens, author Melissa Hart has compiled 22 …