Spring Cleaning: Sustainable Life Hacks from 201 Everyday Uses for Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda

Clean every room in your house (plus use a little recipe to pamper your skin) this spring without all the chemicals. This checklist has a selection of solutions from our book using simple pantry ingredients: salt, lemons, vinegar, and baking soda. Not only is it the most affordable way to clean your home, it’s also good for your health and the health of the planet!



All-Purpose Cleanser
Every cleaning arsenal requires a multipurpose cleanser capable of handling a wide variety of household cleaning challenges, from dirty stovetops to coffee tables, grease-stained clothing to bathroom sinks, and car interiors …

Grow Your Food Scraps: A Guide to Grocery Store Propagation

Extending the life of any vegetable is the ultimate nod toward living sustainably and with environmental consciousness, so why not continue benefiting from food you purchased or grew? Get the most out of all vegetables before sending them to the compost bin by cultivating a food scrap garden on your windowsill or countertop.

Plants grow. They are living things and will continue to grow roots and sprouts even after harvest. We’ve all seen this when a potato left too long in our pantry sprouts, or the garlic cloves send up green shoots. Most plants will continue to grow even without …

Get to Know Authors Amy Pennington and Tara Austen Weaver

Spring has sprung! What better way to ready a garden than with gardening tips from the experts. We asked authors Amy Pennington of Tiny Space Gardening and Tara Austen Weaver of Dahlias and Peonies their thoughts on everything from why and how to start a garden (even if you don’t have a yard!) to garden must-haves and the pitfalls gardeners should avoid.


Why garden?
Amy: Ha! Gardening connects us with the natural world. It slows people down and lulls them into a sense of calm. While I didn’t plan to be in touch with nature, over the years …

Sasquatch Picks for Gardening Season

Spring is here, which means it’s time to pull on your gardening gloves and get your hands in some soil. Here are our Sasquatch Picks to get ready for gardening season. They also make great Mother’s Day gifts!


Little Book of Flower Series
by Tara Austen Weaver; Illustrated by Emily Poole

Perfect for flower fans, this series is a little love letter to the peony and to the dahlia, each bursting with tips, tricks and facts. Did you know peonies are queens of the spring garden? Or that Dahlias are the showboats of the flower world—colorful, flamboyant, and spectacular? …

Live Life Local: Oh, La La! Home Grown Stories, Helpful Tips, and Garden Wisdom

Live Life Local Blog Post: Oh, La La! Feature Image

Welcome to “Live Life Local”—where we celebrate the books and authors who are rooted in our beautiful, diverse region, helping you connect with it in new and exciting ways. Each “Live Life Local” feature (we do two a month) will also include a chance to win a copy of the book and a gift to a local business!

This month our second pick is Oh, La La!: Homegrown Stories, Helpful Tips, and Garden Wisdom by Ciscoe Morris because May is for moms and we know a lot of moms who love to garden. The weather is perfect …

Sasquatch Picks: Five Books for Right Now

Sasquatch Picks May Blog Feature Image

Welcome to Sasquatch Picks: Five Books for Right Now, a curated list of our top five monthly reading recommendations. Our list for May is focused on one very important person: Mom! Mother’s Day is May 10th but we want to celebrate mom all month with books for crafty moms, moms who like to spend time in their garden, moms who love to bake, moms who like a good house project, and moms who like to explore the outdoors with their family. Each month we will choose two books from this list to feature in our Live Life Local series, …